Eric V. Lawrence is a native of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, US, where he grew up playing in the forest and gardens by day and experiencing the local art and culture in downtown by night. This range of experiences inspired his passion for Landscape Architecture. Eric received his Bachelor in Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design, with an emphasis on sustainable integrated systems, from Delaware Valley University. For his continued exploration of solutions to current and future environmental issues. He found the interdisciplinary approach of the landscape architecture department at Iowa State University College of Design to be a fitting setting to pursue a Masters of Landscape Architecture + Urban Design degree. Eric believes that "by working locally one can make an impact globally." His entrepreneurial aspirations consist of leading a firm that transforms blighted areas that are plaguing our world by designing with people in mind.. 

Design Process + Impetus

Global imperatives are leading to more creative holistic design solutions that are sustainable + ecological + regenerative.  Linking natural systems with the built systems is the key to a holistic approach - ultimately bridging the gap between human and nature. My interest in the urban environment continues to grow and was initially inspired by Landscape Urbanism.

Eric thrives when there is room for new ways of looking at life in cities and not the least suburbs, when things start to move, disciplines come together, new ideas are created be it in a project, a workshop, or teaching.